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The World's Leader In High-Quality

Processed / Structured / Living Water

What makes MiraculeWater special?

It's the only water filtration system in the world with a patented ORME trap! The MiraculeWater processors have a patented trap on the inside to retain all of the minerals and monoatomic elements while removing all of the harmful contaminents. The result is an alkaline water with the beneficial minerals intact.


Invented by Ron Talmage


• Removes the Harmful Elements, Keeps the Beneficial Elements

• Concentrated ORME Elements-The Elements Of Life

• Increased Cell to Cell Communication

• Increased Function of Body's Electrical System

• Alkaline PH with Magnesium Dioxide

• 99.9% Fluoride Removed

• Purified by a Proprietary Selective Hyper filtration Technology

• Decreased Build-Up in Pipes Using Magnetic Technology

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Explanation and Benefits Of Miracule Water

The MiraculeWater Processors© combined state-of-the-art filtration and water enhancement process produces drinking water that is 40 times more pure than the water processed by the best reverse osmosis drinking water system in the world. Scientists refer to what remains in the water after the filtration process is complete as - "Pure Nothingness! This processor removes chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, bacteria, parasites, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, fecal material (poop), urine, drugs and everything else that is considered a detriment to your health. (There is more information located on the website.)

MiraculeWater Processors© are the only known hyper-filtration technology that removes 99.99% of FLOURIDE, and 100% of its magnetic imprinting. Flouride has been banned in 36 countries for its known toxic effects. MiraculeWater Processors© erase the harmful memory of the water using a proprietary Triple-Vortexing© process based on Viktor Schauberger. more... MiraculeWater Processors© then re-imprint the water with its original memmory and additional frequencies, including positive affirmations such as, truth, love, peace, health, abundance, bliss, all the colors of the rainbow, as well as 10,000 other positive affirmations.

Eliminating Hungry Water

Drinking "Hungry Waters" such as pure, reverse osmosis, and distilled water can leach out of the body essential vitamins and minerals. Over time this can lead to serious diseases such as osteoporosis. Therefore, it is recommended that Hungry Waters should not be consumed for lengthy periods of time, but only for brief periods of time when the body requires detoxification. To eliminate the "Hungry Water" effect MiraculeWater© processors uses a magnesium-dioxide dispenser (mgwater ), which converts acidic Hungry Water into a safe alkaline drinking water with a pH rating of approximately 9.8. [Note: The body only heals itself when its pH level is 7.0 or above Alkaline] Vortexes Incoming Water

Scientists have long known that water is absolutely one of the most effective conduits of energy known to mankind. The MiraculeWater© processor vortexes incoming water in a counter clockwise direction, which increases the waters life force energy level and creates biological time reversal. It continually vortexes the water throughout the various processing stages until it is ready for consumption. (There is more information located on the website.) Liquid Crystals

Water is a liquid crystal and is responsible for transporting millions of messages (frequencies) throughout the body. Recently, Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, published undeniable proof of this fact. His method of photographing liquid crystals allows, for the first time in history, the actual viewing of liquid crystals as solid form. As a result of Dr. Emotos research we now know water plays an important role in boosting systematic cellular behavior, which greatly assist the body in its quest to restore health.

Did you know that there are both positive and negative messages in water? Therefore, the MiraculeWater© processor removes all existing messages from source water. It then inserts back into the water, via a specially designed Infinity Synthesizer, approximately thirteen million positive messages. Some of the primary messages are:

Peace-Love Agape Love Gratitude- Truth Joy Bliss- Enlightenment and Ecstasy

[Note: Dr. Masaru Emoto recently published several books outlining this new cutting-edge technology. If you are interested in learning more I suggest you pick up a copy of The Hidden Messages in Water. ]

Powered Only by Water Pressure

The MiraculeWater© processor is completely powered by water pressure. This is done to eliminate electricity depositing negative messages into the water. This is a very significant point because the processor utilizes 12 separate operations to reduce water molecules down to an absorbable size. The result is approximately 97% of the MiraculeWater© produced can be easily absorbed by the bodys cellular network. This greatly increases the capability of the body to transport vital frequencies and nutrients to where they are needed and helps in the flushing of waste from the cells.:

The opposite is true regarding tap water and most bottled waters. The molecules contained in these waters cluster together forming too large of a molecule for the cells to absorb. Therefore, the body absorbs only about 5% of these waters and the other 95% is flushed out of the body by the kidneys. Not only are tap water, and most bottled waters, ineffective at hydrating the body, the amount of water one needs to consume in order to be fully hydrated can become extremely costly.

Body Dehydration

Most people today are dehydrated for the simple reason the body cannot absorb large clustered-together water molecules in the liquids they consume. Although most people drink plenty of liquids, including water, they still remain dehydrated. Evidence of this is, when we first enter this world our body contains approximately 85% water. As a baby, our bodys water content is comparable to that of a plump juicy grape. When its time for us to depart this planet, hopefully at a ripe old age, our bodys water content is comparable to that of a dried up raisin. In fact, the majority of senior citizens bodies when they pass on contain approximately 65% water or less. Approximately 90% of a healthy human brain is water.

Body Detoxification

When you drink MiraculeWater© on a regular basis it helps to both hydrate and detoxify the body. One of the naturopathic doctors who purchased a water processor from the company a year ago reported that within 5 minutes of drinking a glass of MiraculeWater© his red blood cells showed up under the microscope as being fully hydrated. He also reported that the water had also begun to detoxify the serum surrounding the red blood cells. In all of his years of examining structured water he had never seen anything quite so impressive. (You can listen to a live interview with this naturopathic doctor on the website.): The MiraculeWater© Processors Concentrates Orme/Ormus 40:1!

Best Tasting Water In The World: The last thing I would like to share with you regarding the MiraculeWater© processor relates to taste. Most of the water filtration systems available on the market today are designed to remove impurities that negatively effect taste, color and odor of drinking water. I am happy to share with you that the drinking water produced by the MiraculeWater© Processor is the best tasting and most refreshing water you can obtain anywhere on this planet (at least based on my experiences as well as our distributors and customers around the world).

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For more information or questions regarding MiraculeWater, Inc., MiraculeWater© or The MiraculeWater Fellowship please contact CEO - Debbie Davis at miraculegoldwater@gmail.com or call (602) 300-4438. For anyone looking to purchase water purification systems, water filters or whole house reverse osmosis water filters we encourage you to take a good look at the information supplied on this website. Water that has been treated with water purification systems is dead water. Water treated by the MiraculeWater system is living energized water. Miracule Water is not just a water filter, although it does filter out the harmful toxic chemicals found in tap water. Miracule Water is better than reverse osmosis water filters. Find out for yourself why people who use a Miracule Water system never go back to regular water filters.


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