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For a short history on water purification & water treatment. Water History

The Elements of Life, known by many names as such as ORME, ORMUS, M-State, Metal IONs, White Powder Gold, Manna and many more.

Do you wish that your drinking water did not contain Chlorine, Fluoride, Bacteria, Viruses, Cysts, Toxic Chemicals, Pollution? We do also, and we have done something about it.

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Read about Arsenic, a poison occuring in waters around the world & more toxic than lead or flouride. MiraculeWater processors remove over 99.9% of this poison.

Pure Water? Why its not what you want. It can lead to an early death! PURE Water

Do your water filters protect you against possible E. coli, giardia and cryptosporidium contamination in your water supply! Biological_Contaminates

One common water contaminate is Giardia, also known as GIARDIA LAMBLIA, Giardiasis (GEE-are-DYE-uh-sis), Giardia intestinalis, and Lamblia intestinalis. Learn about this contaminate. GIARDIA LAMBLIA

Do you want to know what the suppliers of bottled water sold in stores don't want you to know! The truth about Evian and Fionnar mineral water and others. Find out the truth! BottledWater

Fluoride -- another toxin in our water. See the documentation and read the history of fluoride. Then you will know why we filter Fluoride out of the water. Fluoride

Chlorine, big business and a bad solution. Another poison in our water. Read the truth. A free report. Chlorine

The Water Industry and the state of our WATER World Wide, read the truth. A free report. The Water Indsutry Truth

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Faucet & Pitcher Filter Systems, a brief overview of what they do and do not do along with marketing and manufacturing information. A free report. Faucet

Our portable water units are great to take with you when you travel via autos or planes; easy to hook up in most hotels. Our water units are great for your heath. Find out why. Portables

Do you want to live longer? Be healthier? Have more energy or stamina? Drink 64+ oz of MiraculeWater everyday! Find out why this may help you to live longer, be healthier, have more energy & stamina. Healthy

Need to get factory replacement parts or factory service on your MiraculeWater System?

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