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Ron Talmage, mechanic, inventor, and longevity researcher was born in southern California, spent 2 years in the Air Force and had a top level security clearance working “on things that fell out of the sky”, also known as Space Systems. Very mechanically inclined, and owned his own auto mechanic shop in California and emergency roadside assistance. After a major hiking accident during a fall from a cliff that crushed his legs almost necessitating their amputation, Ron started delving deeply into healing and longevity technologies. Research on ORME, David Hudson who lived in southern Arizona, started a powerful healing journey and with the ORME and had a complete healing of his legs. In reading some of his writings on this website, or speaking with those who knew him well, or hearing one of his lectures, you would come to know that the man was not just special, but brilliant. Unfortunately, Ron’s life ended suddenly in an accident in 2007. But the pinnacle of his life and research is embodied in the technologies he so diligently pursued and incorporated into MiraculeWater.

An independent thinker and researcher, always able to think outside the box, Ron immediately grasped the implications of David Hudson’s discovery of the existence of the newly defined form of matter known as ORME.

From humble beginnings as a successful auto mechanic with his own shop, his passion for research in the areas of longevity and alchemy led him on a quest that had him invent ORME gathering, concentrating, devices made safe through advanced hyperfiltration, ultimately leaving him a sought after lecturer and one of the top experts in the world on the subject of ORME,he went on to become perhaps one of the top 3 researchers in the areas of longevity, alchemy, and ORME.

Ron at Factory

Ron and Debbie at the Factory

Ron Speaking at a Seminar